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Formlabs promises smoother. cleaner 3D printing | Engadget

Formlabs’ 3D-printing technology is now being used to make razor handles. movie props and even false teeth. It makes sense. then. that the products coming out of its printers need to be as smooth as possible to avoid the need for extra finishing. That’s the key benefit that the company is touting as it launches two new models. the Form 3 and Form 3L.

A-Sat debris threat to ISS. says Nasa chief; experts rubbish claim | India News – Times of India

India News: NASA head Jim Bridenstine. while addressing employees after India's A-Sat missile test. said. "India destroyed a satellite at a relatively low altitud

Ciencia cero

El programa Raíces. creado por el gobierno anterior para repatriar científicos. logró hasta 2016 el retorno de casi 1300 investigadores. a un promedio de 102 por año. Con el macrismo. en 2017 y 2018. sólo regresaron seis. Y muchos emigraron de nuevo. D…

How to learn TypeScript: A resources guide for developers

If you want to learn the TypeScript programming language. check out this list of books. courses. tutorials. videos. and websites.

​AI specialists: The future is bright

As more companies use artificial intelligence and related tech. the need for AI specialists continues to increase. Experts also discuss the fear that AI will eliminate jobs for humans.

Hybrid cloud: A cheat sheet

This comprehensive guide covers the common use cases. technical benefits and limitations. and what to know for adopting hybrid cloud in your organization.